Get up to $1,000

Our calling... to offer ourselves as a tool for you to use on your journey through life. Life has it's ups and downs, but the downs don't have to drag us down THAT much! We all stress over challenges that many times a little help coming up with an extra $500 could solve. Our "calling" is to be that solution for you. Whether it's a car repair, broken appliance in your home, back to school time, or you just plain need a little extra spending money, call us at (833) GMS-CASH or visit us online at!


When visiting and talking with representatives from GMS Group you should always come away with the feeling that your needs came first, and that we have not just met your expectations of service, but beat them! One of our goals is to develop a long-term relationship with all of our customers that is truly valued. GMS Group is a great place to work, which will translate to a great place for you to do business with. We will take care of business, but enjoy ourselves and have fun along the way. If at any time your experience with a representative isn't positive, helpful and enthusiastic, we want to hear from you!!! When faced with a challenge, our focus should be on solutions and information shared with a customer as quickly as possible. GMS Group will be organized, efficient and will always hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and ethical business practices.


GMS Group, LLC will be a "good citizen" within the consumer lending industry. Management will make on-going efforts to make sure that our company adheres to the laws and regulations of the states where we operate. Our company will be licensed and regulated by each state's department of financial regulations where we do business, and will follow industry "best practices" set forth by many other reputable companies, agencies or groups. To view a copy of our State of Wisconsin lending license, click on this link